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Diving into Myanmar

We’ve spent the last three days enthralled with the marvelous country of Burma, and planning our route through the country until we depart on March 5. We’ll be spending a lot of time in more rural areas, far out of … Continue reading

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The Best Moments of 2012

Day 1 The build-up to this trip had been long.  Six months had passed since Chris and I cemented our plans in Chicago.  The preparations had been cumbersome.  We spent countless hours designing the website, chasing sponsors, researching equipment, and … Continue reading

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Photos from the Kumbh Mela Festival

Chris and I had the fortune of being in Allahbad for the Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious festival.  It basically consists of millions of people making a pilgrimage to the Ganges to take a holy bath and wash away their sins … Continue reading

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Assessing the Motives of our Interviewees

“Go on, order anything you want.” Bhuvan’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. I watched him begin to survey his options, craning his neck around to see the stalls to his back. There were 360 degrees worth at the Select … Continue reading

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My Problem with the Word “Westernized”

For months, I’ve been using the term “Westernized” to refer to specific kinds of Indians. A friend recently pointed it out, and it bothered me once I stopped to think about it. “Chris, does it seem like our next host … Continue reading

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