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What Happened to our Search for Entrepreneurs?

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The End of Hunger: Meals at Camp

Dinner Breakfast

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Telling People I’m a Journalist

“What is your profession?” “Journalist” I answered. The man looked down and shook his head. He didn’t even try to hide his disgust. I noticed his upper lip curl, as if a foul taste had entered his mouth. He shrugged … Continue reading

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On Turkish Tea

In Turkey, tea is at the center of everything.  It is the reason for gatherings, the propellant of business deals, the bandage for wounded friendships.  It is drunk everywhere, and constantly.  Even the smallest towns have tea houses dotted across … Continue reading

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Video Update: Our experiences in Gherze and what’s ahead

We’ve been working in the town of Gerze for the last week, investigating a years long fight against a massive powerplant to be built right outside of city limits. A quick clarification: when I speak of “a guard” I’m talking … Continue reading

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