Video Update: Our experiences in Gherze and what’s ahead

We’ve been working in the town of Gerze for the last week, investigating a years long fight against a massive powerplant to be built right outside of city limits. A quick clarification: when I speak of “a guard” I’m talking about a guard of the site that the powerplant is to be built on, to prevent the entrance of machines that would begin surveying and constructioin.

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2 Responses to Video Update: Our experiences in Gherze and what’s ahead

  1. Alicia says:

    An interesting read is (a couple year old) George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years… talking about how Turkey will become on the of the world’s superpowers… again… what do you think?

    • Morgan says:


      If it figures out its energy situation, it certainly has the potential to be. I’ve been impressed by how active and engaged the youth is here. There are certainly some stars among them that will lead this country to great things.

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