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The Finish & The Celebration

(This post is written by Philippe Hartley on behalf of the PostulateOne team – they’re busy enjoying the thrills of victory, like giving interviews, sleeping, and seeing people they have known for more than an hour) PostulateOne brought us excitement … Continue reading

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Shanghai – the ride in

(Note: this posting was not authored by either of the PostulateOne writers). In the link  below, the advance welcome team intercepts PostulateOne 35km outside of Shanghai center.  The video starts as the two parties find each other. Chris’s father John Walker … Continue reading

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It’s Not All Glamour: A Day on the Bike in China

On the wonderful occasions that I get to reconnect with friends at home, I always ask the question: “So what’s new in your life?” With frustrating regularity, I receive the answer: “Oh, nothing you’d be interested in.  It’s not nearly … Continue reading

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The Bromance Continues: Chris and I Go Sweater Shopping

  Those readers of this blog that have helped fund our adventure will be glad to know that both Chris and I are careful with money. Which is the nice way to say it. Others might prefer the terms “scrooge” … Continue reading

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Kashgar: Photos of the Animal Bazaar and Night Market

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