The Finish & The Celebration

(This post is written by Philippe Hartley on behalf of the PostulateOne team – they’re busy enjoying the thrills of victory, like giving interviews, sleeping, and seeing people they have known for more than an hour)

PostulateOne brought us excitement through the finish line itself. Not shown in this piece is the PostulateOne Master of Journalism plaques which were awarded Chris Walker and Morgan Hartley to cheers on a rooftop hotel overlooking the Pearl.

We hope that, via these few minutes of video, PostulateOne fans all over the globe can share the fabulous closing moments as we lived them. Many who have helped Morgan and Chris along their voyage do not have any way of seeing these images, or ever knowing what happened to those two bicycle journalists on a long voyage. To them, and to the many, many people who went out of their way to help, we say ” ‘wish you could have been here.”

The festivities were the product of vision and preparation. In China, public assembly is strictly forbidden, especially on the heavily patrolled Shanghai Bund where the finish line stood .  Just putting up this post and video required determination to get around the firewalls.  What seems like a easy upload or a good street party to Americans is cause for arrest here, and our public celebration was definitely a guerrilla move, as the documented party break-up attests. The Walker and Hartley families wish to recognize the teams at ChaseFuture and Strikingly; a rousing bravo to Elisa Montalvo and her dancers. All backed the call for a special effort, and helped deliver. A tip of the hat specifically to Greg Nance and David Chen for their winning leadership and friendship. We thank you all.



6 Responses to The Finish & The Celebration

  1. Rock on fellas. That must feel magical. May the next chapter in your life bring you as much wealth in – more than likely – a very different way.

    Best from Paris,

  2. BAbzy says:

    great video :) You did it ! Congratulations :) xxx

  3. Kelly Smith says:

    Par-tay Shanghai Style…or should I say Postulate One style?
    One thing is for sure you ride in style.
    What’s next?
    Space? The Undersea Frontier? or maybe just some RnR…
    Congratulations on completing your Amazing Journey~!

  4. Rémi Leblanc Barbedienne says:

    Bravo Chris et Morgan
    le final à Shanghai est vraiment au niveau de votre aventure.
    Nous sommes incroyablement fiers de vous. Vu ce que vous venez de réaliser,
    les itinéraires de vos vies futures seront surement parmi les plus intéressants à suivre.
    J’ai encore en souvenir notre dernier repas à Paris avant votre départ et je suis certain
    que les personnes que vous êtes devenu après ce voyage auront beaucoup à nous apprendre sur la liberté d’entreprendre et de rêver.
    Merci et bravo à vous

  5. Greg Nance says:

    Chris and Morgan,

    You guys are an epic inspiration. Y’all set your sights high and then shared with the world. The ChaseFuture team along with all the folks you met along the way are still smiling on your journey :-)

    Here’s to the next adventures in 2014!

  6. Linda Dickason says:

    Congratulations on the completion of a fabulous trip! I followed your pictures and blogs all the way and am so proud of you both. Can’t wait to see what the next installment will be! Many best wishes! Linda

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