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Moving on to the Next Great Challenge

I had to squint to keep the rain from blurring my vision, but even so I could just begin to make out the words on the large, looming billboard awaiting us at the other end of the Hydrostation dam. “Just … Continue reading

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Into the Fray: A Volunteer’s Fight Against Prejudice

Correction: The Roma day was primarily organized by another volunteer.  Coca attended some of the organizational meetings, but was not able to make it on the day of the event. Calafat, a small city in south western Romania, is in … Continue reading

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Our 10 Most Memorable Moments on the Bike

10. Being Chased by a Pack of Wild Dogs in Serbia They seemed friendly enough, calmly watching us from the other side of a gate during our lunch stop. But as soon as we mounted our bikes, the troop of … Continue reading

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Street Fighting Man – An Interview with Hungary’s Communist Party President

Remnants of the Warsaw Pact were evident as soon as we passed into Slovakia and Hungary. Decaying, twelve story housing projects from the Soviet era loom above city suburbs. Ashen, dormant factories crumble along the Danube River. They are conspicuous … Continue reading

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The Zen of Bicycle Touring

Bike touring, with all the wonders it offers, is an exercise in focus and patience. For five to eight hours a day, we do nothing but pedal. It should come as no surprise that the physical stress, hunger, dehydration and … Continue reading

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