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Party at the Water Pump

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The Battle Against The Mob On The Riverbanks

The scene was starting to get out of hand. We were stuck on a sandy river bank, 50 grueling feet of deep sand between us and the concrete road. Fifteen Indians were crowded around Chris’ bike, some holding onto the … Continue reading

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Three Strange and Humorous Tales from India’s Heartland

This last bike tour, a 10 day haul from Nagpur to Jaipur, may have been our most memorable yet. Not all, mind you, was memorable in a good way. Our groins are aching from hundreds of kilometers of potholed roads, … Continue reading

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My Body is a Machine

“Ready. Set. Go.” I dug my heels into the loose gravel, feeling the small pebbles fleck up against the back of my calves like tiny rain pellets. I hadn’t gone ten steps before there was a blur of movement to … Continue reading

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How to Freeze a Moment in Time

Great photos in journalism involve moments that only happen once.  They involve people, in moments that are terrible or vulnerable or triumphant, moments when people are at their most human.  They are moments that some do not want frozen in … Continue reading

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