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The South Asian Beer Awards

One thing that bicycle tourists have in common is drinking a lot of beer. Packed with calories and carbs and alcohol, beer is our sports’ preferred energy drink. There’s nothing that gears us up for hundred kilometer rides like downing … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Time Crunch

From the beginning, this project has had to overcome the conflict of having two goals, two bottom lines that would oft refuse to go in the same direction.  We have always wanted to have our cake and eat it too: … Continue reading

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Off-Roading on Burmese Highways

We left Yangon through its industrial zone, on a smoothly paved two lane highway.  We were cycling West, to reach the Southern pass over the Arakan Mountains. Our plan was to meet up with the coast and cycle until we … Continue reading

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The Chowmein Chowdown

“Play it!” the kid said, shoving a cheap acoustic guitar towards us. There were now about 60 people surrounding us on the beach, and they all hushed and looked at us expectantly. As Americans, surely we must be rock virtuosos. … Continue reading

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Our Epic Struggle With Burmese Roads

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