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Separated: What It’s like Being Without the Other Guy Since Getting Home

  Almost two years, attached at the hip to one friend by adventure and necessity, and then he was just…gone. Halleluiah! I thought. It was glorious. There I was — sitting in my own bed, in my own room, with … Continue reading

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The Memories We Carry

At this point in the party everyone’s four or five deep, perhaps because, as co-workers, we’re not usually out of the office together, but more likely because we’re a bunch of neurotic writers. The get-together is a goodbye for a … Continue reading

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Paris to Shanghai: A Photo Summary of the Trip

16,000 miles through 23 countries. 22 months on the road. Hundreds of friends, adventures, and lessons along the way. Here is a taste, through a handful of photos, of what it was like.

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Our Finish, Covered by the Chinese Press

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Our Last Great Voyage through the Boonies: Kunming to Guilin

When the image loaded upon my computer screen, my eyes traced the line as it traveled left to right across the graph. It was anything but flat – the line spiked upwards at kilometers 100, 120, 200, and 300 at … Continue reading

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