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Kicked Out: How the United States Lost its Key Air Base in Central Asia

Author’s note: While we spent three weeks in Bishkek waiting for our Chinese Visas, we completed a story investigating reasons why the United States’ main supply base for the Afghanistan war is being shut down by the Kyrgyz government. The … Continue reading

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The Greatest Thing We’ve Sacrificed

Among the joys of travel, there is one aspect of our transitory lifestyle that has always been difficult: lack of community. By virtue of being on the move, we usually don’t know anyone in the places we’re traveling. There is … Continue reading

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It’s Not All Glamour: A Day on the Bike in China

On the wonderful occasions that I get to reconnect with friends at home, I always ask the question: “So what’s new in your life?” With frustrating regularity, I receive the answer: “Oh, nothing you’d be interested in.  It’s not nearly … Continue reading

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P1 Answers Your Questions

We recently asked readers on our social media channels what they wanted to know about our journey thus far. The following are a selection of our favorite questions:  Q: Could you talk about how you two have managed to stay … Continue reading

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