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Without Money

Make an Introduction

We’re depending on people along the way to give us tips on great stories, help us discover their culture and country, and shelter us. Making an introduction to someone you know on the route will help make that possible. contact us

Give us some press

Think we’re awesome? Write a little article about us on your blog or in your local newspaper. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to chat so you have a good angle for your story. Alternatively, let us do all the work and submit an article for your newspaper or media portal.

Tell Your Friends

Let someone else know about what we’re doing. You can use the social media bars on the right, or you can do it the old fashioned way. It’s important that people hear about what we’re doing to give our book a decent chance of getting published.

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With Money


We failed to get a real job in between college and vagabonding, so we have to raise almost everything we spend on our quest to find the perfect story. To support the cause and our book, you can buy us a warm meal for as little as five dollars, or float the team expenses for a day for forty.

We spend your money on one of the following things:

  • Maintaining our equipment: with our bikes, camera equipment, and camping gear taking constant abuse by both the elements and people, there’s always something that needs care or replacement. Much of the success of the trip depends on the quality and maintenance of our gear.
  • Food: On peak riding days, which can be nearly 90 miles with dozens of pounds of baggage, we’ll need to be consuming over 4,000 calories to keep things going strong. Help us stay fit and happy!
  • Visas: We’ll be pedaling through 22 countries. That’s a lot of time at embassies, a lot of application fees, and border taxes (maybe some bribes?) that need to be provided to keep us safe and legal.
  • Translators: Telling the stories of people and communities means figuring out a way to talk to them. We’ll often need translators and guides to get us through the day.

*For a detailed spreadsheet of our entire trip’s expenses, click here.

In short, we need about $20,000 each for the trip, a total of $40,000. The good news is that as of Dec 2012, we’re fully fundraised! Thanks to the generous donations of over 60 supporters over the past year, we’ve made our goal. But if you’d still like to help out the team with an additional donation, we won’t complain! Every bit means some extra comfort — whether it allows us a warm shower for the night, or a upgraded meal. It all helps to make Postulate One a safe, and successful venture.

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