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Breaking the Silence of Our Dinners

I glanced through a list of “101 interesting conversation topics” on the web, hoping to find something to spark a new talk with Morgan over dinner. The idea had come from a deck of playing cards I saw in a … Continue reading

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Our Third Feature Story Gets Published!

The popular outdoors website,, has published our feature story about Mt. Ushba, one of the most dangerous mountains along the Georgian-Russia border. This is our third feature, and we are thrilled to have had it picked up by a … Continue reading

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Sex and Bike Touring

Chris and I were getting on the subway in Tblisi.  It was our last night there. I caught the eye of this blonde, a cute number who was a few inches shorter than me, and probably a few years shorter, … Continue reading

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Dealing with Hecklers While Bike Touring

I ignore around 95% of the people trying to get my attention on the road. I have to – if only because there’s too many of them. The sheer amount of heckling and honking we receive while cycling in India … Continue reading

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Our Stay in an Indian Village

As the red tail lights of the motorcycle disappeared around yet another corner, I laughed in exasperation. How much further could this village be?? It felt like we left the main highway ages ago. We were following our evening’s host … Continue reading

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