Our Third Feature Story Gets Published!

The popular outdoors website, Letsbewild.com, has published our feature story about Mt. Ushba, one of the most dangerous mountains along the Georgian-Russia border. This is our third feature, and we are thrilled to have had it picked up by a major publication.

It’s a story that takes you into the crazy community of mountain climbers who vie for Ushba’s famed peak. While we were there in Mid August, thunderstorms made the climb deadly for anyone who happened to be on the mountain. One climber died, another was stuck near the summit for four days, and a group of 20 russian climbers from Moscow couldn’t reach the peak despite bringing 600 kilos of climbing gear with them.

You can check it out at this link. We think you’ll enjoy.

See also: The story behind the story — our account of covering the Mt. Ushba story 

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