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Valeriu Nicolae

When Valeriu Nicolae approached a school director in Bucharest to ask about using one of her classrooms, he was told to look elsewhere. The director had no interest in allowing him open a Roma learning center on her campus. Not … Continue reading

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Disappearing Students: the Miseducation of Romania’s Gypsies

We were sitting on the steps of some hidden monument flanking the Danube, which celebrated a long-ago victory over the Ottomans.  There were 8 of us there on the steps, 1 guitar, and no voices melodic enough to be enjoyable.  … Continue reading

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Liviu Calderu

Liviu Caldalareu dropped out of school at the beginning of eighth grade.  He is a gypsy, the kind that doesn’t need to declare it, with dark brown skin and a wide nose.  We talked in a park in Craiova, with … Continue reading

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Mihai and Andreea Popescu

Mihai and Andreea Popescu are what one might call a typical Romanian Couple. He’s a web developer. She’s unemployed. Together, they live in a small, one room studio flat in a gated community on the outskirts of Bucharest. Impeccably organized, … Continue reading

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Chris Checks in from Varna

Chris talks about how he’s feeling, long days riding through the rain, and leaving Romania.

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