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Mind Games for the Tough Hours of the Ride

Since the time I installed my bicycle odometer in Trabzon, Turkey – about 1/3 of the way through our journey – the trip computer says we’ve logged 730 hours of saddle time. I did the math; that’s 30.4 days, or … Continue reading

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A Video Diary from the Scorching Desert

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Riding into No Man’s Land: Crossing the Steppe

The Kazakh Steppe is among the world’s most remote and isolated regions. For centuries, its vast and desolate expanses offered protection of Central Asia’s khanates against the invading armies of Europe and the Far East, braved only by the few … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Central Asian Visas in Baku and Get on the Ferry across the Caspian

View Baku Embassies and the Ferry in a larger map This post is for all the fellow travelers who wish to use Baku as a launching point for a crossing of Central Asia.  The process of getting your visas and … Continue reading

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The South Asian Beer Awards

One thing that bicycle tourists have in common is drinking a lot of beer. Packed with calories and carbs and alcohol, beer is our sports’ preferred energy drink. There’s nothing that gears us up for hundred kilometer rides like downing … Continue reading

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