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Watching Globalization: A Portrait of an Indian Village

Below is an excerpt from a new feature piece we’ve written, by the same title of this blog post. The rocketing ascent in the costs—and the comforts—of life were visible everywhere in the village. The homes were solid constructions of … Continue reading

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Reducing Our Footprint

About two weeks ago when I first started cycling through Andhra Pradesh, I started noticing these rickshaws that were packed with 8 or more people in the early mornings. Then I would see them again in the late afternoons, just … Continue reading

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Reaching the Bottom Half

  There is a lot of poverty in India.  This becomes apparent the moment you walk out of the airport, and see the men sitting on their vegetable carts with loin cloths, or the beggars that stretch out their shaking … Continue reading

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Being Treated Like a Celebrity

“Chris, Morgan, get in the car.” “Oh, I’m sure that won’t be necessary” I replied. As soon as I glanced outside towards the masses of shouting students, I wasn’t so sure. They did look pretty riled up. Morgan and I … Continue reading

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We Get Mobbed By A Crowd In Dhone, India

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