Our 10 Most Memorable Moments on the Bike

10. Being Chased by a Pack of Wild Dogs in Serbia

They seemed friendly enough, calmly watching us from the other side of a gate during our lunch stop. But as soon as we mounted our bikes, the troop of canines jumped through the gate’s bars and took after us, snapping at our heels. It was, without a question, the quickest we’d ever got moving directly following a meal.

9. Camping out on the lawn of a French Chateau

It wasn’t a shabby a spot for our first night of bike touring. The only thing is, we haven’t been able to match it since!

8. Causing Traffic Jams in Germany

If it’s any indication of German efficiency, Morgan and I took a train there that was five minutes late to its destination and the conductor profusely apologized for causing such a delay. So drivers didn’t exactly react too kindly when we tied up traffic at a major Munich intersection.

7. A Stunning Descent into Vienna

What looked like a 30 kilometer shortcut on the map turned out to be a 2000 ft mountain pass. However, 17 kilometers of seemingly-endless uphill did translate into some of our most exhilarating riding yet. With a clear view of the Austrian capital below, we descended the entirety of the range in a matter of minutes, banking around the steep switchbacks and laughing in gratitude to see the valley floor hurtling towards us.

6. Getting Hit by a Car in Switzerland

An impatient driver couldn’t wait to get around us. And with his excellent sense of timing, he tried to make it into a driveway rather than wait the three seconds it would take us to pass by. Chris was thrown off his bike.

5. Blowing our Last Swiss Francs on Artisan Pasta Sauce.

We discovered we couldn’t exchange our last 10 USD worth of Swiss coins, so what better way to spend it all than on a single jar of homemade pasta sauce? Little did we know that we were purchasing the best damn tomato sauce either of us has ever had.

4. High Five with a Serbian Kid

Minutes from the Serbian border, we entered a farming village where a couple kids noticed us approaching. Quite amused at the sight of such out-of-place characters, one of the children jokingly challenged us to a bicycle race, which concluded with a ride-by high five. A simple, but feel-good moment.

3. Slugging through 30km of Slushy Gravel in Slovakia

We were lost, it was raining, and the gravel trail we were following was completely inundated with water. It goes on the list as our most miserable ride. But hey, at least the day ended well.

2. Cycling the Danube in Austria

The stretch of the Danube River from Melk, Austria to the capital Vienna is the single most traveled bicycle route in the world. We could see why. With terraced vineyards, charming artisan villages, and groves of blooming trees, the area was by far the most scenic we’ve pedaled across.

1. Watch out for that…Dumpster

This says it all.

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3 Responses to Our 10 Most Memorable Moments on the Bike

  1. pH says:

    …love the dramatic shift in conditions as you went from #2 to #3…the end of western Europe, and the start of the real work, the realization that you were entering the next phase of the adventure…Thanks for making that palpable.

  2. BAbzy says:

    wow, interesting post , positives and negatives experiences makes you stronger :)

  3. Jonathan Allan says:

    This is remarkable, guys! Keep up the good work! Really impressed.

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