Shanghai – the ride in

(Note: this posting was not authored by either of the PostulateOne writers). In the link  below, the advance welcome team intercepts PostulateOne 35km outside of Shanghai center.  The video starts as the two parties find each other. Chris’s father John Walker (who had met Chris and Morgan the night before), Philippe Hartley (Morgan’s father) and Greg Nance (close friend of Morgan’s and a Shanghai resident) escort the team through the outskirts of the massive city of 25 million. Philippe captures a few key and emotional moments along the electrified ride in, as the sun drops, and the kilometers melt away toward an unforgettable evening.  See “PostulateOne – The Finish & Celebration” for what followed.(to be uploaded soon)


4 Responses to Shanghai – the ride in

  1. Carol Muller says:

    An overwhelming sense of pride, joy & relief came over me when I watched the short video of the boys meeting their dads in Shanghai . Congratulations for creating an experience for 100 lifetimes. I can only imagine that your next adventure will be nothing less than fantastic. Congratulations and many blessings. xoxo Carol Muller & Family

  2. Linda Dickason says:

    Ditto the previous comment! I’ve been following your trip via every one of your blogs and am so proud of you both! Hope any or all of you will come for the New Year’s Rose Parade again this year. Brad and family will be down, and we’d all love to welcome you home and congratulate you on a great achievement! xo, Linda Dickason

  3. Andy Leeka says:

    Congratulations on a world learning experience. John Kennedy created the Peace Corps. You two created the Hard Corps. If either of you has a recommendation for a bicycle saddle that leaves you with a behind after your epic ride, please pass it along.
    Andy Leeka

  4. Kelly Smith says:

    The last leg of an amazing journey.
    I remember well when this dream began with a dream.
    Now it’s a dream come true.
    Welcome to Shanghai Very Long Riders

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