Photos from the Kumbh Mela Festival

Chris and I had the fortune of being in Allahbad for the Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious festival.  It basically consists of millions of people making a pilgrimage to the Ganges to take a holy bath and wash away their sins and worries.

It was incredible and awe-inspiring, and here it is in ten photos:

One of the many gurus.

Millions will come bathe at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers.

women dry their saris on the banks

A guru blesses a festival goer at his camp.

An entrance to the festival.

Decoration and color is very important. Women buy necklaces for themselves or as gifts at booths by the entrance.

Flowers sold for the offering




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2 Responses to Photos from the Kumbh Mela Festival

  1. pH says:

    First, a toast to serendipity: that you should happen to bike through this town on your way to Kolkata and, expecting just another quick overnight set-up, be stopped in your tracks by this once-every-twelve-years event…I long for a story of the point, in your ride, when you began wondering why all of humanity seemed to be headed in the same direction as you…

    Now for the piece itself – An immediate elevation of the photojournalistic impact of PostulateOne. We’ve seen glimpses of the potential before, but this portfolio marks another milestone in the overall body of work, and another reason to support and applaud your extraordinary adventure in self-education.

  2. Leigh Langtree says:

    Wonderful pictures, but can’t help thinking that wouldn’t it be nice if changing ourselves was as easy as bathing in the Ganges, undergoing baptism, being blessed by a priest, or going to church on Sundays? Nevertheless, it must have been quite an experience to witness.

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