Diving into Myanmar

We’ve spent the last three days enthralled with the marvelous country of Burma, and planning our route through the country until we depart on March 5.

We’ll be spending a lot of time in more rural areas, far out of the reach of the internet.  As a result, the next five weeks will see decreased activity on this blog, though we should still be able to post once a week or so.  You’ll get the full look at the adventure when we arrive in Bangkok.

In the meantime, it’s been a wild three days in burma.  Here are just a few photos:

Our couchsurfing host, Colin, is a fire spinner.  We had an awesome night watching him go.

Mind blowing wealth and beauty in the pagoda.  According to lonely planet, at the top of that thing is an orb of gold studded with more than 2000 carats worth of diamonds.

The visit to the pagoda made a lot more sense after spending a morning talking life in a buddhist monastery, with a monk we met at breakfast.

A couchsurfer invited us to an anime conference, which was just a strange cultural experience.   People in costumes did coreogaphed dance routines to japanese techno, while other people in costumes fist pumped.

There were handing out free coffee at the anime con, which was also a conference to promote japanese products.  There was a dancing bag of instant coffee at the entrance.  Chris got down.


3 Responses to Diving into Myanmar

  1. A.W. says:

    Leave it up to you two to be hosted by a fire spinner! So cool!

  2. pH says:

    Along side the spiritual gold leafed temples, the visual cacophony of bright coffee dude and anime girls creates the contrast of capitalist vitality crashing through gates of a moth-balled society. For me, it’s a reliving of 1992, Central Europe, right after the Wall had come down…It was capitalism with no rules yet in place…Traffic lights and communist government building facades were fair game to display Marlborough Man, or the camel.

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