The Roof of the World: Cycling at 15,000 feet

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  1. pH says:

    Kudos to the amazing P1 team for inspiring all of us. Over the past 15 days, you caused a lot of us to grunt, sweat and shiver in sympathy, wanting to get closer to the experience, to feel you and lift you telephathically.
    I found myself on a bike in the fire roads of the Angeles Crest mountains imagining I was halfway up the Pamir chain, without help or directional options, and with far more weight. I pumped my fists when I reached a peak, and screamed “Postulate One!” loudly enough to hope my voice would get over the next peak and tumble down into some other mountain bikers’s ears. I love promoting P1! BTW, PHATe ran a promotion of your latest blog our its FB page. As a regional brand, we don’t get a lot of chances to associate our name with top athletes.
    From all of your fans, congratulations.

    • pH says:

      …ps: this needs to be said – The beaming smiles your give us in the midst of these videologs are totally disarming in their humility and charm. Anyone to whom I have shown this piece had their mouth corners hooked to their earlobes by the end of it, even with the crappy audio. Given the conditions and your respective sicknesses, that demonstration of energy and zest for life gives all viewers a reason to review their own commitment. “Bon, ben, y faut y aller!, hein?…y faut y aller.”

  2. tomas says:

    Love it.

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