NPR Publishes Our Story on Child Boxing in Thailand

If someone asked you to bet on the outcome of a nine-year old’s boxing match, would you do it?

In Thailand’s rural villages, it happens all the time, where child boxers and gambling are among the oldest traditions of Muay Thai fighting.

NPR has just published our latest feature story on the lives, ethics, and economics behind one of Thailand’s most controversial sports. Head on over to their website to read about the daily routine of a nine-year old fighter named Chai, and the pressures he faces as his village puts its money on him.

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One Response to NPR Publishes Our Story on Child Boxing in Thailand

  1. pH says:

    Hip hip Hooray!!! That’s great news, to have bagged your first NPR gig. What a good last 4 weeks you’ve had, PostOne…Lots of great riding, three countries, a cover story and an NPR story, plus lots of other writing. We fans are in heaven.

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