Life on the Road: 8 Photos

These photos were taken over three days, while we rode a loop around Hanoi through Vietnam’s breathtaking northern highlands. I tried to take photos that show something about our daily life while we’re cycling.


Chris ices a strained knee midway though a difficult 800 meter climb to Mai Chao.


The view of the Mai Chao valley before descencding. It made the hard climb worth it.


Morgan attempts to jury rig his front brake with a fresh cable after some of the components failed.


Chris navigates his way out of the hotel, carrying his panniers down a narrow set of stairs.


Another small, white washed hotel room. This was awesome because it had wifi.


Leaving Mai Chao, on an unfinished bit or road.


Axiom: the higher the ledge, the greater the fun.


Chris, who was wearing the go-pro camera to record our descents, grimaces as he pushes up a hill with his strained knee.

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