Three Awesome Things that have Already Happened

We slept by an amazing chateau

On day 1, Chris and I started looking for a place to camp our 5 pm in a town called Voulx. Down a gorgeous and tree lined driveway, we spotted a chateau that would make anyone’s heart stop. With a little hesitation, we asked if we could stay. The grounds keeper promptly let us know that that was a no-go.

The next village over, we found an even better castle. There, a friendly gardener pointed us in the direction of his boss. The boss let us camp on the edge of his moat. The pictures below say it all.

We were invited into lunch by a member of the French Resistance

In the 60 km (37 miles) between Chablis, and Montbard, there is exactly one place that served food, In Noyers. We did not stop there, because we were unaware of the situation. Instead, we dragged our famished selves all the way to Etivey before deciding the look for food. The small agrarian town ended up having no food establishments, but it did have a lovely couple by the name of Monsieur and Madame Culin. After we explained the situation, they joyfully invited us in for lunch.

A four course meal was produced from no where, with amazing roast chicken, potatoes, cheese, dessert, coffee, and a few glasses of red wine. All the while, we were regaled with stories of the German invasion of the village, and tales of the French wars in Vietnam and Algeria, in which the monsieur had served as a Gendarme.

M. et Mme Julien Culin

We got owned

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  1. sandrine kasinski says:

    je suis la petite fille de Monsieur et Madame COLIN qui ont été très contents de vous connaitre; je vous ai parlé au téléphone l’autre jour.
    Voici leur adresse exacte : Mr et Mme COLIN 22 rue de la poste 89310 ETIVEY
    Nous espérons avoir de vos nouvelles ! bon voyage

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