Reporting in from Munich

The Velo DeVille is back! Now sporting a flashy, Halloween-Orange paint job (orange being the cheapest color available), Morgan’s bicycle is once again tearing up the roads of Western Europe. In fact, since Saturday the “Spook Mobile” has helped carry us out of our second country – Switzerland — and into the rolling farmlands of Southern Germany. Today we arrived in Munich.

Since departing Basel, it occurred to us that we left our first real friends of the project back there, where staying put 5 days due to the crash was somewhat of a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to build connections there, and evaluate how we could move forward more effectively. We’ll certainly miss the bar banter of the Swedish Air Mechanics debating about how to engineer a more efficient barbeque, and the travel stories we shared over coffee with our lovely Swiss hosts Sonja and MJ.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been cruising through quaint, laidback farm towns dotting the German countryside – camping out in the woods between the larger cities like Ulm and Augsburg, and refueling our bodies at night with rich Bavarian Beer. And speaking of bodies, the last few days we’ve really noticed a difference in terms of how we’ve physically adapted to the trials of bicycle touring. We’re getting faster, stronger, and our legs have developed a cadence they’re comfortable with even with our 80 pound bikes. We do still have to eat like maniacs though.

There’s also a sense of excitement as we move forward to our first extended-stay in Bucharest, Romania. We’ve been coming across story ideas in the people we’ve met along our way – for instance tonight we’re meeting with a consultant for an anti-corruption NGO here in Munich. Needless to say, we are anxious to explore the kind of coverage we can provide once we really have the opportunity to stay in a city for a matter of months, and truly dig deep into the issues there.

Until then, we’ll keep letting you in on the interesting leads we pick up along the bike paths and highways. We also thought it’d be fun to throw up a few statistics of our journey so far.


Postulate One By the Numbers

  • Days on the Road: 18
  • Miles Completed: 518
  • Loaves of Bread Eaten: 36
  • Tubes popped: 2
  • Bicycle Crashes: 3
  • Nights hosted by total strangers: 10
  • Showers Taken: 6
  • Swedish Air Mechanics Met: 14
  • Photos Taken: 850
  • Boring Days: 0
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3 Responses to Reporting in from Munich

  1. pH says:

    Dig the orange bike, and the Stats feature rocks.
    How is riding through Germany different from riding through Switzerland or France?

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hey Philippe,

      We’re thinking about doing a post about this, but to answer your question, Germany has a very robust cycling infrastructure. Almost all large roads have well-paved bike paths following along side of them, and we’ve even come across bike paths next to country roads that lead to villages with no more than 60 inhabitants — the investment it took is quite remarkable. Cities also have cycle networks unlike what we’ve come across so far. Getting into Munich was a cinch with all the dedicated bike lanes, cycle stop lights, and signs showing how to bike to different destinations within the city.

  2. BAbzy says:

    cool to see there are no boring days :)

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