Postulate One By the Numbers

The bikes are boxed, the panniers packed. In just 24 hours, Postulate One is headed to India!

It’s a big moment for us. We’re officially one third of the way through this grand undertaking, and tomorrow’s plane hop across the cultural spectrum to a teeming subcontinent, and the Southeast Asian adventures beyond, will take us into phase two. We’re stoked, if not a little nervous.

But before we touch down in Mumbai, we thought we’d share some scientifically-proven stats of our journey with the readers. It’s a fun reminder of how far we’ve already come.

Postulate One by the Numbers

  • Days on the road: 166
  • Miles completed: 3,100
  • Countries cycled through: 11
  • Articles Published: 3
  • Bicycle Crashes: 5
  • Tubes popped: 10
  • Nights camped in the rain: 9
  • Average days between Showers: 5
  • Average days between Laundry: 14
  • Times we’ve gotten sick: 3
  • Number of good sources we couldn’t speak to b/c of a language barrier: at least 10
  • Peanut butter jars we’ve found in foreign supermarkets: 8
  • Times we’ve couchsurfed: 31
  • Times we’ve been hosted by complete strangers: 5
  • Times we’re honked at per day: 15
  • How often we’re asked where we’re from: about every 20 minutes
  • Hours spent figuring out where we are: too many
  • Hours spent daydreaming about where we’re going: countless
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4 Responses to Postulate One By the Numbers

  1. Patty Albert-Leis says:

    Your adventure is one we all wish we had the guts, physical physique, means and time to explore and experience the different countries on our planet. I applaud you both! Your experiences will be life-changing in ways others will never know or be able to acquire. May peace, safety and the love of adventure be with you both throughout your journey. May each day bring beautiful landscapes full of plants, animals and caring people into your lives.

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