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On our way to Bucharest, Chris and I will be simplifying our coverage a little bit. The people we bring you won’t really be visionaries, mostly because we can’t find them until we set up camp for longer than a few days. Instead, they will quite simply be awesome people we meet who are contributing to their communities in fun and interesting ways. And with all the attention on election season in the US, it’s a perfect time to find out how young people are civically engaged in the areas we’re biking through.

In short, our goal is to find really cool, smart people who don’t lock up in front of a camera. We think about 1 of every 5-10 people we meet will fit the bill. All we need from them is 15 minutes to do a quick interview, take their portrait, and shoot some footage. The point is not just that we think this is cool, but that these are the people who will be guiding us ever closer to the visionaries in the background, the leaders with an idea behind the organization

The problem is that Chris and I come in and out of cities fast. I mean, really fast. Between arrival and when we pass out of exhaustion before we leave the next morning (see our post on bike touring), we have a three or four hour window. In some rest cities, we’ll have a full 36 hours to be there, but not much more than that. Basically, we need to be able to go out on the street and have ten solid conversations within a couple of hours.

We’ve thought of a few fun hooks:

Run bicycle maintenance workshops on the sidewalk
Give out free chocolate bars
Challenge passerbyers to a game we invent on the street
start cooking on our camp stove, and invite anyone to dinner who contributes an ingredient

We need ideas! Do you have any? If it makes the list, we promise to send you photos.

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  1. pH says:

    Since German may not be your strong suit, and you’ll soon be in Germania, post “please teach us German in 5 minutes” near a University campus or by a bank, or near an incubator.

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