An Inside Look at Hungary’s Muzzled Media

We met Peter Visnovitz, like so many others on this trip, through couchsurfing. He was kind enough to host us on Easter weekend, when the rest of the city emptied out to visit their families or escape to the countryside. He is a journalist for one of the largest online newspapers in Hungary, though the views in this video are strictly his own.

Hungary is in the midst of a constitutional revolution, which is brilliantly narrated in this New York Times op-ed. The short version of the story is that disillusionment with the socialist party, a reformed relic of the communist past, led to a landslide victory for the Fidesz-KDNP conservative party. With a 2/3 supermajority in the parliament and an aggressive executive, they were able to pass any bill they wanted. Prime minister Victor Orban and the parliament have since passed hundreds of bills to concentrate and secure his power, putting through a new omnibus constitution, defanging the judiciary, and muzzling the press.

As a journalist, Peter offers a brief look at how the political storm is impacting his industry.


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  1. pH says:

    Good news for Postulate One: you’ll probably make the top 10 of Hungarian opposition blogs this week…That should up your cred on Googlerian, yo?

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