3 Days til Launch

It’s been an eventful week for the Postulate One project – one that’s involved endless preparations in Paris, a footrace through 20 blocks of New York City traffic past Obama’s motorcade, and a prolonged fight against Russian web hackers.

It’s all in anticipation of our finalized departure date from Paris on March 10th.

But first things first, we’d like to apologize for the fact our site was down recently; if you tried visiting us online, you probably encountered some pretty intimidating error messages. Turns out that postulateone.com was infected with over 25 instances of malicious code that was working to redirect our visitors to Russian malware websites. We can thank our web host for those security loopholes. But in the meantime we have beefed up our protection to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

During the last seven days, Morgan and I have been making moves across two continents. Last week, we convened at New York City’s Explorer’s Club to introduce the project at an event organized by Morgan’s grandfather, Ted Hartley. Besides the two of us nearly missing our own event due to the “Obamajam,” the evening was a success. We received some incredibly generous donations, and made a number of press contacts – including one that led to this Gotham Magazine article. All in all, it was worth running two miles in our suits to make it on time.

Highlight of the event was the awesome promo video that our legit production team – Loren, Garret, and Kelly – unveiled there. Look for it to be posted on the site here in the next few days.

As can be imagined, Morgan and I then spent much of our remaining time in New York bidding farewell to family and friends. Plenty of emotional moments, as well as more ridiculous moments (pictured below), were had in the process.

...those two referenced peanut butter jars ended up being confiscated from my carry-on

On March 4th we finally made it to the starting point of our upcoming journey, Paris. Our first realization upon arriving in the city? There was no way in hell we were going to be ready for the March 7th send-off date we’d been telling people.

Not only did we have to revive our hacked website, but we’ve been working nonstop on a gargantuan task list that’s included everything from arranging places to stay to haggling with sketchy craigslist characters to sell off unneeded gear. The workflow over the next few days should be no different –we’ll be gathering footage for our departure, as well as adding more content to the website. Below you’ll get a small taste of some of the shenanigans we’ve been dealing with.

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