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We’re excited to release this compilation of the best writing of our trip. Come ride along on an amazing journey, told through a collection of pieces designed to give a sense of what we felt in day to day life. The pieces are about our relationship and our struggles, our journey to become storytellers, and, most importantly, about coming of age and seeing the world through a new lens.

We’ve compiled text from three different sources to recreate the experience. Some say that all memories are fantasies, but that will not be a problem here. The words with which we recount adventures in this book were never written more than two weeks after the event. They include articles that we published around the web, blog posts that we wrote for, and trip notes, which are free form diary entries we wrote once a week. While the diary entries have been left somewhat unpolished to preserve their raw emotion, we have edited and combined all the elements in an effort to tell the tale of our journey, piece by piece. You do not have to read this book in order. It is designed so that each chapter is readable in a single sitting, and can stand on its own.

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Publication Date:
Apr 04 2014
1496034716 / 9781496034717
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5.5″ x 8.5″
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Other Big News:

You might be wondering, “why isn’t this book available on Amazon?,” or “why isn’t it announced on the front of our website?”

The reason is because we are currently in talks with NY book agents, working out a deal for a commercial rendition of our story. This potential ‘mass market’ book would be different than the compilation we are currently releasing, not written until after we have secured a publishing deal. Its release would not be for another year or so.

Because of the rules of publishing companies, we cannot advertise this compilation beyond our private friends, family, and supporters. That said, we are proud of this compilation and think you’ll enjoy the body of work we produced throughout the trip, and many untold stories that were too sensitive to tell at the time.

As for a publishing deal, we should know in the next two months. We’ll keep you posted!

One Response to Compilation Now Available

  1. fiona Whitney says:

    I am SO excited to read your compilation, I will buy copies for myself and some close family and frieds. You are the bravest and most amazing travellers and I am proud to know you both.


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