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They are people who believe in a vision and are fighting for it. They’re bringing jobs, innovation, and new ways of thinking to wherever they live. We think they’re awesome, and you might too.

Brennan McNallyMock Records2.27.2012Los AngelesUnited StatesBrennan McNally is one of three partners launching Mock Records, an untraditional label in Los Angeles that deals exclusively with vinyl and is dedicated to exposing the city's underground garage rock and folk scene
Joan BurkovicBankin'2.14.2012ParisFranceWith his partner, Robin Dauzon, Joan has created an application that allows users to navigate the French banking system by managing many different bank accounts at once, create budgets, and send alerts about various fees, overdrafts, and overspending indicators.
Andy G.Rice and Fish2.4.2012ParisFranceAndy grew up on the west coast, but came out to Paris for his girlfriend. He stayed for his daughter, and for his business, a small sushi restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement called Rice and Fish. He rolls up a wide array of concoctions, becoming a homey fixture for the surrounding neighborhood.
Black Dandy

Le Shoppe1.26.2012ParisFranceA shoe designer in the Marais, Dandy threw everything he had into his shoe shop. In the process, he pushing forward how we think about shoes, experimenting with new materials like plastic cement to build custom molds for a set of lucky feet.

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