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Party Island

The backpacker’s circuit in Southeast Asia has is infamous for its debauchery and out of handedness. Whether it’s numbered bartender girls along Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, or flaming jump ropes on Ko Tao island, the possibilities for shenanigans appear endless … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Bromance

Most friendships have a time and place that define them. Contexts to give them structure. People tend to compartmentalize their social networks, taking individuals in measured doses. There might be a buddy for beer drinking. A co-worker to gossip with. … Continue reading

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The True Cost of a Photograph

Everyone has a camera nowadays.  Even if you don’t want one and never use it, it’s on your smartphone.  If you are travelling, then you at least have a point and shoot. If you’re an avid photographer, then you spent … Continue reading

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