It’s a valid question. Why?

Well, this whole trip really comes down to two chief objectives.  We have recited these goals many times, but never with an attachment of why we believed in them, or an order of their priority. The objectives of Postulate One are:

  1. To document young leaders who inspire us with the reform, jobs, opportunity, and hope that they bring to their communities.
  2. To travel by bicycle, riding enormous distances across varying terrain and cultures.

The bike ride is powered by simple and time-honored ambitions.  We lust for adventure, for grand stories, to bathe our senses in the exotic.  We hope to become better people through these new perspectives, and by facing the hardship that awaits us in freezing nights outside, hunger, and long tired days on a bike.

As for finding the great leaders and entrepreneurs, it’s even simpler–we love those kind of people.  It has been our privilege to be inspired by great mentors and leaders in the past; now we want to find new sources of inspiration, people who are fountains of courage or compassion or wisdom.  It is when that feeling seizes us, the feeling of awe and inspiration that only special leaders can give us, that we will pass it on to you, our lovely readers and watchers across the world.  It is our hope that that feeling can be spread, and that we will better understand what they taught us when we’re forced to communicate it.

As for the order of our priorities, finding and telling the stories of these leaders will always come first.  If that means that this trip takes longer than we thought it would, if we have to stay places longer to better understand them and what motivates them, then we will do it.

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2 Responses to Why?

  1. Chris, it is so interesting to read your updates. This specific on one “Why?” is absolutely excellent. You are keeping all of us informed and it’s fascinating to read what you’re doing! Bravo!

    Pam Hillings Tegtmeyer.

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