Thanks for Getting Us Halfway! Can you help us finish?

We’ve cycled 6000 miles over the last nine months, passed through twelve countries, and published over one hundred articles. 6000 more miles, and twelve months from now, we plan to arrive in Shanghai.

When we left Paris, we set out with a goal of becoming journalists. We’ve done that. From the fields of France to the high-rises of New Delhi, we’ve learned more about storytelling—and life—than our expensive educations ever could have afforded us. In the first half of our journey, magazines have published our features, and Forbes has picked up our column about entrepreneurs, called Freewheelers.  We’re excited to see what kind of stories we can dig up in the second half of our journey

Finally, we’re excited to announce that we plan to publish a book at the end of our adventures, which will chronicle our attempts to find the perfect story.

But first, there’s the small matter of making it to Shanghai. It will be hard to get there without your help.

We’re still twelve thousand short of our original fundraising goal, but a sponsor has agreed to match donations up to 6000 dollars. That means with another 6000 from supporters like you, we’ll have the cash we need to get to Shanghai in one piece.

6000 miles cycled.  6000 to go. 6000 dollars left to raise. We’re calling it the Dollar a Mile campaign.

Help us complete the journey, and move us forward at a Dollar a mile by donating at our fundraising website. We’re trying to reach our fundraising goal by Dec. 21st.

Below is a map of what’s left of our journey. The green cycle icon shows how far the campaign has moved us forward at a dollar a mile. When it reaches Shanghai, we’re done. Help us get there.

Love from Delhi,

Chris and Morgan

What’s Left: The Dollar a Mile Campaign

Delhi to Hanoi. Tbilisi to Shanghai.

View Move Us Forward at a Dollar a Mile in a larger map

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  1. Anne Barnett says:

    Congratulations Chris and Morgan
    Your mom is a wonderful fundraiser! Love your video!

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