Bicycle Crashes: A Slight Setback

It was a tough day for the Postulate One Project. Long story short: Morgan crashed his bicycle into a Dumpster.

A third of the way into our ride, he was going around a corner, and looked down to adjust his gears…which is probably why he didn’t notice the large, stationary waste bin he was hurtling directly towards.

It’s a bit comical to be sure, but still — the results weren’t. The most important thing is that Morgan was uninjured, but the Velo DeVille didn’t come out quite as unscathed. The frame on his bike bent quite a bit, rendering it unusable until the replacement frame arrives on Friday. Until then, we’ll continue our reporting from Basel, Switzerland.

Here’s some video from a day we are most happy to have behind us:

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4 Responses to Bicycle Crashes: A Slight Setback

  1. pH says:

    Great opportunity to scope out the entrepreneurial scene in Basel…There’s a lot of activity: just search”Basel young entrepreneurs”, and you’ll have enough to keep you bz…even a MeetUp group.

  2. BAbzy says:

    wow, bad luck ! hope it will be fixed soon ! :)

  3. Tantanne says:

    Continue comme ça et avec le temps perdu on aura des chances de se voir en Bavière pendant le week-end de Pâques.
    Encouragements du clan Suisse!

  4. The title definitely reflects the mood, Bummer. Sorry you guys had to suffer a setback so early on, but I guess it’s better to get focused now, rather than later. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the road.

    On a side note: What brand of panniers are you guys using? I’m 2 months away from going on a trans-Canada cycling tour and it’s time to go shopping. Just wondering if y’all had any good insight to some good gear for the road.

    In the meantime, keep up the good efforts, godspeed and I wish y’all safer travels. Cheers!

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