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On Getting Attacked by a Street Gang

It all happened so fast. The time between walking past the group of teenagers, and ending up in the car of some random stranger, clutching a handkerchief to stop the blood squirting out from my split eyebrow, couldn’t have been … Continue reading

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Keeping my Poker Face

I was interviewing a teacher in Bucharest, watching her class from the back.  Despite my best efforts to be low key, I don’t really blend in in those situations.  Indeed, I might say that it’s impossible for a redheaded American … Continue reading

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Building A Network in Romania

When we noticed the security booth marking the building’s entrance, I became skeptical. We had no appointment. “This will be interesting” I muttered to Morgan. We approached the window, and a stern-faced guard emerged, frowning at the sight of the … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Ethics

Over the last few weeks, Chris and I have had the pleasure of diving into the Romania that lays outside of the cities.  Both of us made a sojourn back to Calafat, in Western Romania, Chris stopped through Craiova, and … Continue reading

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The Dancing Gypsy Woman

We had the fortune of attending a gypsy wedding in Calafat today. It was held in the middle of the street, with a live band. This woman was one of our favorites.

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